A Glossary of SCA terms

Authorization - the process in which SCA members 18 years and older demonstrate they can conduct themselves safely on the field of combat.

Autocrat - the person legally in charge of an SCA event. You'll find that the "-crat" suffix will, rightly or wrongly, get attached to all sorts of other people working at an event, but everyone works under the authority of the autocrat. Sometimes called "Master/Mistress of the Hall."

Bardic Circle - an informal gathering for singing and storytelling, often around a campfire. Anyone attending is welcome to perform, but you can just sit and listen if you prefer.

Chatelain(e) - officer responsible for recruiting and assisting newcomers and children in the SCA.

Chronicler - officer responsible for producing a branch newsletter.

Combat - an SCA activity simulating period styles of martial arts.

Court - gathering for announcements and awards called by a King, Queen, Prince, Princess, Baron or Baroness.

Crash Space - informal lodgings with members of the group holding the event. Many SCA members regard anyone in the organization as a distant cousin and make floor space available for out-of-town visitors.

Day Tripper - means you will be attending an event for the morning, afternoon, or evening but will not be on-board or sleeping on site. Same as "off-site, off-board."

Dragon - old SCA euphemism for a car. Sometimes the term "Wagon" or "Wain" is used instead.

Dry/Damp/Wet Site - the alcoholic beverage policy of an SCA event site. Dry sites allow no alcohol. Damp sites permit wine and beer, but no hard liquor. Wet sites do not restrict alcohol. As with all beverages at SCA events, original containers are not permitted.

Exchequer - SCA equivalent to a club treasurer.

Event - virtually any SCA gathering is labeled an Event. "Official" Events are those listed on the calendar appearing in your kingdom newsletter. Certain SCA matters, such as Courts and authorizations may only be performed at official events.

Feast - the meal usually served on Saturday evening at an event.

Feast Gear - a place setting for a feast: at least a plate, bowl, goblet, spoon and knife. Unless specifically told otherwise, always assume that you will need to bring feast gear to every SCA event.

Garb - clothing based on designs typical of the Middle Ages or Renaissance. Garb is required at all official SCA events - but it doesn't have to be fancy.

Gentle - any member of the Society.

Halflings - an inappropriate SCA euphemism for children. "Smalls" is another one.

Herald - officer responsible for making announcements at events and guiding members in the creation of personal heraldry.

"Hold!" - a term shouted most often on the Lists but sometimes used elsewhere. It literally means, "Stop!" and usually implies something unsafe is occurring.

Knight Marshal - officer responsible for providing opportunities for fighters to train and authorize.

Lists - name for the field where the combat activities are held at and event.

"Mi'lord/M'lady" - common form of address in the SCA where everyone is considered to be worthy of noble address regardless of persona.

Minister of the Lists (MOL) - officer responsible for running an SCA Tournament and maintaining fighter records.

Minister of Arts & Sciences (MOAS) - officer responsible for instructing and/or advising members on period activities and encourages their practice.

Mundane - modern, not in or of the SCA. While the SCA tries to discourage the use of this word as some feel it has disparaging connotations, forgive those who use it - they don't mean ill.

On-Board - attending an event and eating the feast provided by the sponsors. The "on-board" fee for an event includes your site fee and your dinner fee. Assume you'll need to provide all other meals for yourself unless other meals are specifically listed in the event announcement.

Off-Board - attending an event and bringing your own food. The "off-board" fee for an event includes only your site fee. Seats may or may not be provided in the main feast hall.

"Oyez! Oyez!" - a term shouted to gain everyone's attention. When you hear it, be quiet and pay attention to what's said.

Period - the Middle Ages and Renaissance, which comprise the historical period used by the SCA as a basis for their activities (600-1600 AD).

Port-a-Castle - an SCA euphemism for a "port-a-john" or chemical toilet.

Post-revel - a party which is sometimes held at someone's home after the event is over for socializing and unwinding.

Proof of Membership - a photocopy of your SCA membership card or of a recent kingdom newsletter label with your name and address on it. This is required for authorizations and to receive discounted fees at some events.

Seneschal(e) - Chief administrative officer of an SCA branch.

Site - the place where an event is being held.

Site Fee - the cost of admission to an event. Fees are usually broken down into on-board, off-board, on-site, off-site, or day tripper.

Troll Booth - the place to check in or buy at-the-door admission to an event. Staffed by volunteers called "trolls." Sometimes referred to as the "Gate."