Baronial Birthday

Saturday, November 9th

The Bounty of the Spanish Empire

13025 Good Samaritan Dr, Waldorf, MD 20601

The year is 1572 and it is a time of plenty in our fine kingdom.  Our King holds lands throughout the Knowne World, from the mountains in Peru and the deserts of Mexico, to the Islands in the Pacfic where the port of Manila has just been completed.  He rules the Low Countries, Jeruselam, and Milan.  He rules England and Ireland with his Queen, and uses his armies and navy to keep us all safe from dangerous peoples.  It's time to celebrate!

In honor of our recent victories in the New World and the completion of the port in Manila, we are holding a grand celebration and all are welcome!

Tournaments of skill and honor will be resided over by Ser Aelfred of Cres, with each disepline being organized as follows:

Rapier: Lady Caitilin Inghean Ui Ruaidhri

Heavy: TBA

Thrown Weapons: TBA

Archery: TBA

There will be a special seige demonstration by Lord Matthew of Summerdale

We shall also present competitions of Arts and Sciences which will be resided over by Mistress Mary Isabel of Heatherstone.

The year is 1572, and we are at the height of the Spanish Golden Age. Representatives from all of Philip the Prudent’s domains have traveled to Spain, eager to share gifts that represent the artistry of their homelands.

Create an item from any of the countries controlled by Philip II of Spain in 1572. Any art form, any medium. Documentation should include at least the basics, bonuses for more through documentation.
Information on Philip II of Spain:

Sigrid’s Basic Documentation Recipe Card:

In addition there will be a performing arts competition.  Details to be announced.

Finally, we shall present to the populous a fine feast created by Al-Sayyida Naila Al-Zarq, to feature a special dish in honor of our latest conquests.

1st plate: bread, cheese(s), olives, figs in wine

2nd plate: Mirrauste (chicken in almond milk with spices), Chard (with cheese)

3rd plate: Roast pork loin, broom flower dish (rice with dates and nuts)

4th plate: lamb pottage, a pottage of noodles

5th plate: gualantina sauce (spiced applesauce), peach pottage

Drinks: hippocras, clarea from water, xocolatl (hot chocolate)

*Menu subject to change based on availability of ingredients

** Anyone with dietary concerns should contact the feastocrat as early as possible at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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