Events are the heart and soul of the SCA as you have already read in "The Complete Beginners Guide to Events". At local practices you get to learn and practice with others from the local area, but at events you get to put those skills to use with a much large and diverse group of people, and learn even more from them.

So you have found an event on the Kingdom Calendar that you would like to attend, but what do you need to take? Well that really depends on the type of event. There are three general types of events and you'll need different stuff to enjoy each, they are 1) Day Trip Events, 2) Weekend Camping Events, and 3) Wars / Longer Camping Events. Below are basic packing lists for each type of event.


- While Day Trip Events tend to be smaller in scope, they can still be large in size and number of activities, and therefore what you need can vary widely.


- This is probably the most common style of event as it allows for a full day and evening of event activities. Most Weekend Camping Events also offer a "Day Trip" by just attending the Saturday activities.


- Are without comparison, but it does take work to setup a camp and truly live there for any period of time. Basically if you own it, pack it... including the kitchen sink!