These are the awards of the Barony of Dun Carraig. Links to recipients opens the corresponding page of the Order of Precedence on the Kingdom of Atlantia website.

The Order of the Sea-Hawk

This non-voting order is the premire order of the Barony and is granted to those who have demonstrated continued and significant service to the Barony and its people for excellence in any skill, service, or field of combat. The badge of the order is blazoned "(Fieldless) Three wings adorsed in triskelli argent."

The Mark of Excellence

This award is granted by the Thegn and/or Banthegn to those gentles who have made a specific contribution to the Barony. Since it is an award, it can be conferred to an individual more than once. The emblem of the award is a red cross bottony. Beginning February 2006, a small colored bead is given with each Mark to denote what type of contribution the individual made.
Mark of Excellence Carraig Uaine Carraig Deirge Carraig Gile

The Orders for Continuing Excellence

These three orders are equal in the order of precedence to the Mark of Excellence and the attached Beads, but these orders are given for continuing excellence, where possibly no single act the individual has done was overly noteworthy, however the continuous acts are most worthy.
Emerald Flame Garnet Tower Silver Blade

Baroness' Award of Courtesy

This award is granted by the Baroness to any individual who has repeadtedly shown exceptional courtesy to others.

Order of Dun Carraig's Champions

The Baronial Champions of Dun Carraig are for Archery, Armored Combat, Rapier, and Arts & Sciences.

The Company of Wayfarers of Dun Carraig

This order is composed of former members of Dun Carraig who have moved from the lands of the Barony. The badge is blazoned "(Fieldless) A compass star gules surmounted by a cross bottony argent."

Previous Landed Baronage of Dun Carraig

Chosen by their Majesties of the Kingdom of Atlantia from the populace of the Barony of Dun Carraig, to serve as the local representative of the Crown and territorial protector. The term of service is for two years and may be repeated.