While Day Trip Events tend to be smaller in scope, they can still be large in size and number of activities, and therefore what you need can vary widely. Below is a basic packing list, this of course varies depending on what activities are being offered.

Basic Packing List:

  • Membership Card
  • Authorization Card (if fighting)
  • Day time Garb (simple & cool)
  • Evening Garb (optional - nicer/fancier)
  • cloak (evenings can still be cool)
  • outdoor/comfortable shoes
  • wide brim hat
  • small chair/something to sit on

Feast Gear

  • plates
  • fork, knife, spoon
  • glasses (something to drink)
  • table cloth, candles, other decorations

Activity Specific


  • Bow & Arrows
  • Quiver
  • Glove/finger tab
  • spare bow string


  • Armor & Weapons
  • Athletic Cup
  • boots
  • towel


  • Armor & Weapons